March 3, 2021


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For older adults considering their future relocation options, independent living is often shrouded in mystery. Some people unfairly liken these communities to nursing homes; others equate them with a dull life lacking privacy or freedom. Both schools of thought miss the mark entirely. 

Misconceptions about independent living stem largely from widespread confusion about what these communities actually entail. We’d like to set the record straight by addressing four facets of independent living you may not be aware of. 

1. You can continue to grow.

Our desire for novelty doesn’t fade as we get older. Whether we’re 16 or 66, we all enjoy exploring new interests and learning new skills. Independent living caters to this ongoing need for enrichment by offering community classes, social events, and group outings. 

Making the transition to independent living means you’ll enjoy a wealth of dynamic activities right at your fingertips. From yoga practice to art lessons, there’s no shortage of new activities to try. And without the usual demands of homeownership, members of these communities can dip their toes into a new hobby with fewer time constraints. 

Independent living makes it easier for older adults to nurture their passions while exploring new ones. In most cases, your family members will even be able to join in on the fun.

2. Independent living encourages an active social life.

If you think making the move to independent living means you’ll have to sacrifice your social life, think again. Today’s independent living residents are filling up their calendars with all kinds of social events. 

From game nights to craft workshops, independent living offers plenty of opportunities for residents to meet like-minded folks who share their interests and goals. Many communities even offer transportation services, making it easier to visit with family and friends.

Many of us wish to continue entertaining well into old age. With independent living, you’re likely to have access to common areas and meeting rooms, which are ideal for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or a special anniversary party. For outdoor get-togethers, you’ll be able to use the community swimming pool, grill, or patio. 

Once you get a taste of independent living, you may find that your social life is busier than it’s ever been!

3. It’s affordable.

It’s easy to assume that independent living is outside of your budget. But compared with homeownership, independent living can actually put more dollars in your pocket. 

Consider, for a moment, all of the extra expenses that come with owning a home. Even if your mortgage is paid off, you’ll still have utilities, insurance, taxes, and repairs to contend with. Independent living could actually wind up saving you money in the long run—money you can use to enjoy your retirement. 

Live Worry-Free at Provision Living

For adults who wish to maintain their independence while fostering a sense of purpose, independent living can be a great option. Schedule a visit to one of our Provision Living communities and witness how our residents continue to live life on their own terms. 

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