Resident Stories

At Provision Living, we believe that older adults deserve the opportunity to live healthy, happy and purposeful lives that include connection to family, friends and community. Our residents and families have easy access to supportive services and an environment that supports personal independence and growth.

“I think it is the most wonderful place in the world, and I am so glad my mom is one of the residents here.”
Cheryl L., Resident Family Member
  • MARY & BECKY: “Mom is happy and thriving!” plus sign minus sign
    Mary, 84, was in a tough spot when her Alzheimer’s started to interfere with day-to-day life. A couple years earlier her husband had passed away and she was now living by herself. Phillips began to forget to eat and take her medicine, and lacked the social interaction she’d had her entire life.

    After assessing the situation and coming to the conclusion that Phillips needed some kind of assisted living, her family started looking for answers. Phillips’ daughter, Becky, began looking for places and exploring local options that would solve the challenging situation. After visiting a few assisted living facilities, she found the nursing home feeling of many places distasteful. Even the basics, such as maintaining a clean and welcoming space were lacking. As Becky began to feel more concerned about what she could do to help her mom, she came upon Provision Living.

    When she first visited the community, she liked what she saw. “People were sitting and talking,” Boone said, “It was different walking in there than walking into a nursing home.” Becky explained that Provision Living’s community looked cleaned and smelled nice. Almost as importantly, Mary recognized friends from local neighborhoods where she had lived as a little girl. Becky said her mother is very social, and the ability to connect daily with others was a key element that Provision Living offered.

    Within a few weeks of moving in, Mary had fully adjusted to her new environment and thriving. “It’s the best thing we ever did,” said Becky. She added that her mother is safe, happy, and comfortable at Provision Living and the staff are knowledgeable, respectful, and “stay on top of everything.” Becky said she’s happy Phillips’s room is straightened and cleaned, there are lots of activities and people to talk to, and her mother has three good meals a day.
  • DIANE W. plus sign minus sign
    My 93 year old mother moved to Provision Living from another facility because she needed more specialized care. She was apprehensive about a change but the staff here have made her feel safe, secure and welcome. She loves the food and the rooms and common areas are cheerful and inviting. Our family is resting much easier knowing Mom is in such good hands. Bravo!
  • CHRISTIANE L. plus sign minus sign
    I am very pleased with kindness and attention the staff has provided for my father at Provision Living. They are very attentive, responsive and I feel taking great care of my dad.
  • A.H. plus sign minus sign
    I’m very pleased with the facility and the services received at Provision Living. At a previous facility, my family member was confined to bed and wheelchair, served meals in the room, and treated as a feeble old person. At Provision, the wheelchair has been put away and a walker is now in use. All meals are served in the dining room and enjoyed with the other residents. The nurses and aides are caring and helpful. I highly recommend Provision Living. I’m glad I made the switch!