How to Prepare for Your Visit

Touring a Provision Living community is the best way to see how residents are living the best years of their lives. Your visit to one of our communities is your family’s opportunity to walk the community, meet team associates and residents, and get all your questions answered. To get the most out of your visit, follow these 5 steps to prepare:

1. Talk to Your Loved One Beforehand

After your initial conversation with your loved one about senior living, don’t just spring a tour of the Provision Living community on them at the last minute. This will be a much more exciting experience if your parent or relative is involved in the decision making. 

Ask them what kind of residence they’d like to live in and the kinds of people they want caring for them. Spend some time discussing the features and amenities most important to them and ask them to describe their perfect day. Knowing this information ahead of time will make it easier to determine if Provision Living is the right place for them.

2. Research the Community

Once you know what your loved one wants in a senior living community, it’s time to do some homework. Dig into the Provision Living website and our Facebook page, explore our testimonials and read through online reviews to see what other residents and families have to say. This research will help you determine if Provision Living offers the environment, services and amenities your loved one wants.

3. Align on Your Loved One’s Budget

It’s always a bit awkward to talk about money, but it’s necessary to know what your loved one’s realistic budget is. At Provision Living, our pricing is transparent, predictable and provides flexibility for changing needs and interests. Your family will not experience any long-term leasing commitments or restrictive buy-in fees. Instead, we use an inclusive pricing model that will make it easier for your loved one to determine if this is the right financial decision for them.

4. Do an Introductory Call with Our Team

Our team knows how beneficial it is to have a resource that can guide you through the senior living process. Before you visit, we recommend you have an introductory call with one of our care consultants. 

On this call, our care consultant will assess your loved one’s situation to determine if Provision Living is a good fit. They’ll seek to understand the needs your loved one may have, discuss details about our care services and communities, and provide more detailed pricing information based on services that might be needed.

5. Prepare Questions for Your Tour

A tour of one of our communities gives you and your loved one the chance to talk to a wide range of people and ask questions. When speaking with your tour guide or admissions expert, ask about community safety, health and cleanliness procedures, and the services provided. When talking to current residents, find out what they love about the community and how they typically spend their days. Ask them how they get along with caregivers and if they’re satisfied with their care.

It’s also beneficial to tour when there is a community activity or event occurring, so your loved one can get a better feel for the culture and atmosphere. This also gives you an opportunity to chat with more caregivers, residents and the activities director of the community.

Want an Inside Look at Provision Living?

Talk to one of our friendly staff members and schedule your very own tour of our community.

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