Talking to Your Parent about Assisted Living

Assisted living can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially if your loved one thinks it means losing their independence. At Provision Living, residents don’t leave behind who they are and all that they’ve become. Rather, they’re given the opportunity to enhance their current lifestyle, discover new passions and flourish.

If you feel your loved one needs assisted living or memory care support, consider the following to make the conversation easier:

Talk to Your Loved One Early

Have you noticed signs that your loved one’s health is beginning to decline? Maybe they’ve already fallen or injured themselves in their home. We find that it can be very helpful to approach the subject early on to demystify the move beyond the initial fear that major life changes often create.

Include Them in Decision Making

It’s crucial to share your heartfelt concern for your loved one’s well-being, so they are assured of the reasons you’re having the conversation. It’s also important for them to feel that they are involved in their future planning. To move the conversation forward, invite them to take an active role in the discussion and share their apprehensions about moving. 

Have a Trusted Third Party in the Conversation

Is there a family friend or doctor your loved one trusts and respects? We have found that involving another trusted party can help your loved one take what you’re saying to heart and relieve any concerns they’re feeling. This third party can help manage everyone’s emotions, encouraging an open dialogue now and in the future.