Distinct Senior Health and Wellness Programs

Customized Care that Leads to Better Living

Imagine days full of rejuvenating fitness activity and socialization, nutritious well-planned meals and personal care services that enhance your quality of life. At Provision Living, this is reality. EncircleSM by Provision Living is our exclusive care program that helps bring seniors to a better place of health and happiness, so they can experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

When your loved one joins the Provision Living family, our healthcare team will perform an initial assessment to better understand their health needs, lifestyle and personal interests. We look closely at sleeping patterns, risk for falls and injury, nutrition, physical fitness, cognitive processes, medications, therapy and more to gain a clear understanding of any current or potential issues.

Our passionate and experienced team will use the information to build an individualized health and wellness plan designed to deliver tangible, beneficial health results. With input from you and your family, we will collectively decide the best course of action and make adjustments to the plan as needed.

Reducing The Risk For Falls And Injury

Seniors are often at risk for falls that can result in serious injury and hospitalization. We have successfully reduced the incidents of falls and injuries within our communities with the use of Foresite, a predictive health monitoring technology.

This cutting edge, individualized health monitoring system also has the ability to predict the onset of emerging health issues and illness.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see what your loved one is up to at any point throughout the day and night with our health management technology tool. This transparency fosters increased wellbeing and peace of mind for the entire family.

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