July 4, 2020


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When we see or hear the word ‘wellness’ many of us tend to think solely about exercise and the foods we eat. However, the older we get the more it becomes increasingly important to incorporate all six areas of wellness into our lives: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual.


As we get older our bodies lose flexibility, bones become less dense, and our heart and blood vessels become stiffer. One way to slow down the physical aging process is by exercising. Activities such as tai-chi, yoga, walking, and light stretching are the perfect low-impact exercises for seniors.

It can be difficult for your loved one to maintain an exercise regime alone, but if your family member transitions to a senior living community, there are plenty of exercise programs and delicious healthy meals that will keep your senior busy and their body happy.


Life is a constant flow of changes and transitions, and how we respond to those changes is an indicator of our emotional health. Whether it’s downsizing from a home where your loved one may have raised their children or coping with the loss of family members and friends, emotional wellness should be a priority.

Seniors can enhance their emotional wellness by getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, and building a social network. The good news is that by moving to senior living, there is a trusted and caring team ensuring your family member’s emotional state is at top of mind.


In 2010, AARP conducted a national study of older adults aged 45 and above. The study revealed that a little over one-third (35%) of the survey respondents categorized themselves as lonely. To improve social wellness, older adults should focus on developing friendships, maintaining healthy relationships, and letting others care about them. In senior living communities, there are ample opportunities for your senior to connect with staff and fellow residents.


There’s a misconception that if you’re older, you can’t learn anything new. On the contrary, we should all strive to be lifelong learners. One of the ways to enhance intellectual wellness is by discovering new hobbies and skills or reading about different topics. After moving to senior living, don’t be surprised if an activity manager introduces your loved one to activities they may not have done before and which they actually enjoy.


Often overlooked, environmental wellness plays a direct role in the overall state of being. Studies have shown that our immediate environment has a direct link to our mood, motivation, and creativity. If you’re looking to enhance your senior’s environmental wellness, pay attention to their home. Does the furniture need to be rearranged for easier mobility? Are there tripping hazards? How about adding fresh coat of paint? If you’ve never visited a senior living community, one of the things you’ll find is that the community is strategically designed to support seniors and their needs, especially the apartments, hallways, and outdoor areas.


Spiritual wellness is rooted in beliefs, morals, values, ethics, and principles. When seniors are able to connect with someone or something bigger than themselves, they can feel purposeful and like their lives have meaning. In senior living communities, it’s not unusual to find spiritual activities interwoven in the activity program. Whether it’s a religious service or meditation, your loved will feel spiritually supported.

Wellness at Provision Living 

At Provision Living Senior Communities, everything from our activity program, building design, and team members are all put in place to help seniors thrive in this next chapter of their lives. Do you have questions about the senior living journey or are you curious as to how Provision Living can support your loved one? We encourage you to chat with one of our care consultants today.

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