July 20, 2018

Best Cities For Singles

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There is something so sweet, endearing, and perhaps inspiring, about an older couple walking hand in hand together—love is love at any age! Whether it’s a first, second, or third marriage or simply congenial companionship, for seniors looking for sweethearts, some places have better odds for finding love. Check out the top 20 cities with the highest concentration of singles 55 years plus, according to data from Match.com.

Ageless Love

When it comes to falling in love later in life, single seniors can often find it in a nursing home or assisted living center. With plenty of new social activities, group classes and wellness programs at assisted living centers, the chances of finding a special someone are greater than ever. Take this couple, for example, who discovered love eight decades into their lives at a nursing home in Texas.

As an added way to boost their chances of finding love, more and more seniors are turning to dating apps and websites like Match.com. About six percent of Americans between ages 55 and 64, and 3 percent of those over 65 have used an online dating website, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center study.

Many mature people decide they’d rather spend their golden years in sunshine and warmth than live through another frigid winter. According to a 2017 article by Palm Beach News, the state of Florida absorbs an estimated 900,000 to one million seasonal residents, elevating the population by 5 percent during “snowbird months.” So it’s no surprise to see Florida—and the western counterpart of Southern California—at the top of the list, with six cities each as top spots for single seniors. According to Match.com, the number one spot for meeting that mature special someone? Vero Beach, FL, which claims 6.9 percent of single seniors are on a dating site. No. 3 on the list is Santa Monica, which boasts 6.5 percent, and No. 4 is Costa Mesa, CA, where 5.1 percent of resident seniors use online dating sites. Turns out long walks on the beach are a great first date at any age.

For the seniors that aren’t snowbirds, there are a handful of other states that boast an active dating pool among seniors. Bay Shore, NY, is second on the list with 6.8 percent of seniors on a dating site. Towson, MD (No. 5), Wyandotte, MI (No. 6), and Ocean City, NJ (No. 10) are count between 2.5 percent and 5 percent senior residents hitting the single scene.

It’s surprising to see that Scottsdale is the sole representative from Arizona, ranking number 20 with only 0.4 percent of seniors reportedly on dating sites. With the ample sunshine, dry humidity, beautiful vistas, and plenty of golf courses and leisurely activities, one would think Arizona would rival other southern hot spots. One reason might be that places like Sun City, the original census-designated retirement community, is almost 50 percent married couples, making Arizona a good place for seniors, just not for singles.

Surrounded by lush forests and dramatic foothills, West Virginia’s state capital of Charleston earns its No. 11 spot with 2.2 percent of seniors using dating sites. The picturesque and historical mountain town of Centennial, CO (No. 14), has 1.9 percent of seniors dating online and number 18 with 1.2 percent, Honolulu, HI, has only 1.2 percent of online daters over 55. Maybe this means that beautiful scenery could help certain cities stand out as meet-cute destinations for mature adults.

Whether landlocked in winter or enjoying the sun and surf, later-in-life love is a possibility now more than ever.