October 6, 2021


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It’s time for presents, Christmas trees, hot cocoa, and laughter as we gather once again. This holiday season, you may be faced with caring for your loved one and the knowledge that they wish to celebrate the holidays alongside you, and that includes getting everything ready, such as food and the decorations that make the festive season glow.

With that in mind, we put together a list of three simple decoration activities your senior will be excited to help with.

Decorate the Christmas tree.

One of the highlights during this time of year is the Christmas tree, and the occasion to decorate it creates an enjoyable and simple activity for your loved one to participate in. They could even get out their own ornaments to use. By using personal ornaments, seniors will have a reminder of the past years and Christmases, and it will give them something to think and talk about. It is possible some of their ornaments were gifts from loved ones or were ornaments they had made by hand in the past.

They could also make new ornaments to add to the tree this year. Some ideas include paper snowmen, or a sled like the one found on Clean and Scentsible where all you need are popsicle sticks, paint and wood glue. Another great idea is to buy a small wooden frame, attach a sting to it, and get out the old family photo album to find a picture or two that you want to have on the tree. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, photos help remind seniors of places and relationships. Working with pictures from their past will help remind your loved one of their relationships and history.

Put garlands together and place them around the house.

Another great idea is to make some garlands together and use them to decorate stair rails and Christmas trees. They also look great above a mantel. The great thing about garlands is the different varieties you can choose from: popcorn, ribbons, and of course you could make one of evergreens and add pinecones or bows to them. Spruce Crafts has a list of great garlands that are simple and fun to make. Some of the ones they list are Burlap Garlands, DIY Leaf Garlands, and a few different paper garland ideas.

 After you and your loved one make the garland, have them help you decide where it should go. This will help them keep their mind active during a time when going outside is difficult, which can increase chances for seniors to grow depressed if they don’t have loved ones near and/or activities to keep them occupied.

Try some Mason Jar crafts.

Mason jars are a great base for holiday crafts, because you and your senior can decorate them however you would like. Crafts by Amanda has an idea that utilizes glitter and does not take long to complete, and when she was done decorating it, she put an LED candle inside to create a decorative light. They look pretty and add light to the home. You and your loved one could also decorate the jar in Christmas colors and then put some treats inside that the grandkids will enjoy when they come over. Tie a ribbon around the top and get some holiday stickers to put on the outside, then fill the jars with some peppermints or candy canes to add to the Christmas theme.

They are also a great present to give to someone, because handmade gifts are always a delight to receive, especially from our loved ones. Use items you both know the receiver will like. For example, are they more interested in the silver and gold Christmas theme or the green and red? If they like the silver and gold, I would recommend decorating the mason jar with bells or snowflakes. However, if they like red and green, go with Christmas trees or evergreen-themed decorations. To top it off, fill it with candy or stick an LED light inside. If it is going to be a gift, be sure to remember bubble wrap in case this year’s acting Santa is prone to throwing presents.

At Provision Living We Make Holidays Festive

At Provision Living we know our seniors enjoy the decorations during the holiday season. It our goal to help our seniors enjoy every aspect of the season by aiding them in their creative exploits. Speak with one of our
care consultants today to learn how we help our seniors with their hobbies around the holidays.

Image credit: istockphoto.com