Transitional Care Reduces Hospital Readmission for Seniors

Bridge-to-Home Program Offers Dedicated Post-Rehab Care

Seniors recovering from serious health events requiring hospitalization often need dedicated assistance and rehabilitation services for several weeks or months post-discharge. They may need help dressing, bathing and preparing food or require physical therapy or nursing care until they can regain their independence.

Though these services are available through a variety of providers, from nursing homes to home healthcare companies, many seniors and their loved ones are unaware that they have a choice in how and where they receive these services. Furthermore, studies show that the right setting and proper discharge planning can reduce the risk of hospital readmission and assist in regaining strength and self-assurance.

Southern Pines Can Be Your Bridge-to-Home

Provision Living at Southern Pines offers seniors in the Thomasville area a solution to the complex issues involved in transitional care, rehabilitation and recovery. Their Bridge-to-Home program offers seniors a caring, positive environment where their wellbeing is the highest priority.

“We realize that a full recovery prior to discharge isn’t always possible, especially with serious medical conditions,” says Judy Fusco, community relations manager at Southern Pines. “Our Bridge-to-Home program provides post-rehab guests with the necessary individualized care, safety and hospitality of our community to continue their recovery.”

Individuals can use this program for rehabilitation or restorative care following hospitalization, surgery, illness or injury. Through Bridge-to-Home, guests experience the comforts of home while receiving the attention and care they need to recover their independence and return to their prior lifestyle.

Fusco promotes the program to seniors who do not have family nearby to care for them, or may lack a safe home environment. “Simple chores can become burdens during recovery,” warns Fusco. “It’s important that seniors continue taking their medications as prescribed by their physician, and that they eat nutritious, regular meals. Climbing stairs, rising from chairs and visits to the bathroom can all pose hazardous threats for someone who is recovering from surgery or has decreased mobility.”

Fusco admits that it can be scary for people to consider not returning home after being discharged from the hospital. “It’s understandable that people just want to get back to their regular routine and a familiar environment, but evidence shows that transitional care actually improves outcomes and can assist seniors in regaining their strength and confidence. We are also dedicated to maintaining constant communication with your physician and family members to make sure that everyone involved in your care is on the same page. Communication is the key, and can often be overlooked in our fractured medical system.”

The community offers short-term respite stays, typically lasting four weeks, at an exclusive, reduced daily rate. “We often find that seniors who choose us for a respite stay decide to make us their permanent home,” says Fusco. “They don’t feel pressured when they move in – they’re just here for a while – but when they discover how easy their life has become and how many new friends they’ve made, they decide to call Southern Pines home.”

The Bridge-to-Home Program includes:

  • Access to physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Ongoing nursing support for management of chronic conditions
  • Medication management
  • Therapeutic activities with a restorative goal
  • All-encompassing assistance with bathing, dressing and hygiene
  • Routine support with transfers and mobility when needed

Amenities include:

  • Three delicious, home-cooked meals daily, as well as snacks and beverages
  • Comfortable, fully furnished apartment with Wi-Fi and cable options
  • Housekeeping, maintenance and laundry
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response System

Southern Pines also offers a no-cost Stay-for-the-Day program for seniors. Fusco believes this program is a great way for people to get an up-close-and-personal look at the new face of senior living while reducing the pressure of commitment.

“We do everything we can to make it stress-free and super easy. We will pick you up and take you back home, and you can participate in all activities and enjoy lunch and dinner in our restaurant-style dining room. We also set you up with a private, fully-furnished apartment and our staff attends to your every need. We even accommodate couples, which is not something that every senior living community offers.”

For more information about the Bridge-to-Home or Stay-for-the-Day programs, contact Southern Pines Senior Living at (229) 226-6074.

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