Time for a Change: It’s Too Much Work Putting Up the Christmas Tree

When Candace heard her Mom say, ‘it’s too much work putting up the Christmas tree,’ she began to think something might be wrong. But then her Mom began to act feisty and even a little bit mean. Candace was confused.

It broke her heart at the time but Candace realized later on that her Mom was suffering from dementia. After years of putting up decorations and a Christmas tree and having a great time, suddenly her Mom was turning away and seemed not to want to be bothered.

Candace did not realize at the time that people living with memory loss often exhibit a withdrawal from work or social activities they once enjoyed. This might reveal itself in someone showing little interest in Holiday gatherings or activities.

To keep her mother safe, Candace knew she had to find a way to move her out of her home. A dream Candace had about her mother moving to Ann Arbor was instrumental in her mother’s decision. Much to Candace’s surprise, her mother was not only willing, but excited to make the move. Candace had driven past University Living for 15 years and had admired the well kept grounds and thought some day she would bring her mother there. A visit to University Living and a high recommendation from a co-worker who’s mother was living at the senior living community solidified that University Living was the best choice.

After months of packing and hours of moving in her belongings and hanging her souvenirs from her travels to 300 countries, Candace’s mother was settled in and at home in her new apartment.

Candace said, “She was really excited about moving…. She was glowing when we arrived in Ann Arbor. Her apartment looks like a mini home for her.”

Candace’s mother has been living at University Living for two years and stays active at home and out in the community of Ann Arbor. If Candace had to start over again looking for a senior living community for her mother, who just turned 97, she said she would make the same choice.

“This was the best decision I could have ever made in my life. University living is on the map because the people here really care. The management is exceptional,” Candace said. “They take great care of my mother and treat my mother and me like a royalty.”

Mary Phillips

Testimonial of a Turn-Around

Mary Phillips, 84, was in a tough spot when her Alzheimer’s started to interfere with day-to-day life. A couple years earlier her husband had passed away and she was now living by herself. Phillips began to forget to eat and take her medicine, and lacked the social interaction she’d had her entire life.

After assessing the situation and coming to the conclusion that Phillips needed some kind of assisted living, her family started looking for answers.

Becky Boone, Phillips’ daughter, began looking for places and exploring local options that would solve the challenging situation. As Boone visited a few assisted living facilities in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she found the nursing home feeling of many places distasteful. Even the basics, such as maintaining a clean and welcoming space were lacking.

As Boone began to feel more concerned about what she could do to help her mom, she came upon Provision Living at Hattiesburg. When she first visited the community, she liked what she saw.

“People were sitting and talking,” Boone said, “It was different walking in there than walking into a nursing home.”

Boone explained that Provision Living’s community looked cleaned and smelled nice. Almost as importantly, Mary Phillips recognized friends from local neighborhoods where she had lived as a little girl. Boone said her mother is very social, and the ability to connect daily with others was a key element the Provision Living community offered.

“We liked Provision Living, it was very active when we went in,” Boone said. After deciding on Provision Living and moving Phillips there, Boone says her mother initially reacted poorly, which is common. But within six weeks her mother was fully adjusted and thriving. According to her daughter, Mary Phillips’ move to Provision Living has been a tremendous success.

“It’s the best thing we ever did,” said Boone.

Boone added that her mother is safe, happy and comfortable at Provision Living and the staff are knowledgeable, respectful and “stay on top of everything.” Boone said she’s happy Phillips’s room is straightened and cleaned, there are lots of activities and people to talk to, and her mother has three good meals a day.

It’s a simple recipe for success. “That’s all that matters, she’s happy,” Boone said.

Ethel Goolsby

I Would Recommend it to Anyone

Ethel Goolsby came to Provision Living in St. Louis Hills Residential Care and Assisted Living Community after experiencing a stroke. She is 92 years old. Her niece encouraged the move.

“My niece looked it up. What she likes, I like,” said Goolsby about Provision Living. “It’s nice and I love it. The people are friendly and nice. I would recommend it to anyone,” she said.

Goolsby said there are many things she likes about her home at Provision Living including the food.

“The food is excellent. You should join us today. We are having turkey and dressing. We have something for everyone. They accommodate everyone including diabetics,” she said. “I’m lucky I can eat everything.”

Goolsby measures the time she has resided at Provision Living by the number of Christmas’s she has celebrated there. This upcoming Christmas is her second.

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