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Talking to Your Loved One about Assisted Living

It’s very common to have anxiety about talking to your loved one about the prospect of a change in their living situation. We find that it can be very helpful to approach the subject early on to start to demystify the move beyond the initial fear that life changes often create.

It’s very important to share your heartfelt concern for their well-being, so they are assured of the reasons you're having the conversation. It’s also important for them to feel that they are involved in their future planning. Inviting them to take part in the discussion and share their concerns can have an immense benefit in moving the conversation forward.

We also have found that involving another trusted party can help put your loved one at ease, and it can help everyone manage their emotions so that an open dialogue is set up for the future.

Watch Provision Living Family Support Mentor, Linda DeSmet, as she provides helpful strategies to ease the transition of an older adult to an assisted living community.