Seniors Shopping for a Good Cause

Nashville’s Ladies of Charity Sale Assists Seniors in Need

The residents at Provision Living in Hermitage will be attending the upcoming Stuff Galore sale on June 16, 2016. The sale is famous among Middle Tennessee locals and is more than just a shopping excursion. The sale’s proceeds benefit individuals, families and seniors in need throughout Davidson County and is organized by the Ladies of Charity.

The catholic non-profit organization was started by St. Vincent de Paul in 1617 in Lyons, France and was formally recognized and approved by the church in 1629. The Ladies of Charity have been in operation around the world for nearly 400 years.

The organization established their thrift store in 1948 and have since become an institution in the Nashville area. Their fall and spring sales feature a seemingly endless variety of items, including home goods, holiday decorations, clothing, toys, handbags and accessories. All items are gently used and designer brands can often be found for a fraction of the original price. Generations of Nashville residents have attended these sales, and many volunteers have been working with the charity for 60 years or more.

Itianna Shirley, activities manager at Provision Living of Hermitage, is looking forward to attending the sale for the first time. “I’m not originally from the Nashville area and I had no idea about the sale, or the charity,” she admits. “A resident requested to attend and when I found out about how the charity supports local seniors and other residents who are on a limited income or are facing other hardships, I knew that we would have to make this a part of our activities calendar.”

All Proceeds Go Directly to the Community

The semi-annual consignment sales collect over $60,000 in proceeds each year, with 100% going right back into the community. The charity distributes food and clothing and also helps those facing financial struggles. They provide funds for rent, utility bills, prescription medications and even funeral costs.

Along with financial assistance, the Ladies of Charity also distribute food boxes to over 4,000 households, with enough food to make 36 meals. They are one of the only charities that provide people with fresh items such as cheese, eggs, milk, bread and luncheon meats.

They place a high value on education as a means to escape poverty and set aside funds to award scholarships to outstanding female high school students who otherwise would not be able to attend college. Overall, nearly 10,000 residents in Davidson County are assisted by the Ladies of Charity each year.

A Community that Gives Back to Local Seniors

Shirley is happy to provide her enthusiastic residents with another avenue of giving back to their community. “They are always interested in helping people, especially other seniors who are facing crisis,” says Shirley. “Many of them grew up with the effects of The Great Depression and war, and suffered through difficult times of their own. They all have huge hearts and are willing to lend a hand in any way that they can.”

With summer temperatures often reaching 100-degrees in the south, Shirley also appreciates that the charity helps those living on a fixed income when they fall behind on utility bills.

“Seniors are especially vulnerable to high temperatures and can run into problems when they can’t refrigerate certain medications or stay cool during the summer months. They have a higher risk for heat stroke, so allowing them to keep the power on goes a long way in keeping them healthy and safe,” says Shirley. “Sometimes we can forget that there are those among us who don’t have family or support systems when things get rough. Charities like this are often critical to a senior with no resources.”

The Ladies of Charity consignment shop is located at 2216 State St. and draws hundreds of consignors and visitors to their semi-annual consignment sales. For more information about the charity, please visit www.ladiesofcharitynashville.org, or call (615) 327-3453.

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