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West Bloomfield, an affluent suburb of Detroit well known in the area for its large homes, lakes and nature areas, is home to Provision Living at West Bloomfield. The upscale senior living community will open in late 2018, complete with amenities one would expect in the area. Designed to complement the architecture of West Bloomfield, the senior residential community will feature elegant hospitality and residential areas as well as landscaped courtyards, patios and walkways.

Located on 11 acres with 658 feet of frontage on West Maple Road, the two-story, 90,000-square-foot senior living community will accommodate 102 assisted living and memory care apartments with studio, one- and two-bedroom options. Residents will enjoy the convenience of having a beauty salon, an exercise room, therapy space, a movie theater, a chapel, large common areas and two elegant dining rooms only steps from their apartment door.

Provision Living at West Bloomfield is conveniently located, with access to upscale shopping at several high-end boutiques and choice dining at one of the several restaurants situated close by.

People with Purpose

Our team members are care partners who serve with a sense of purpose, generosity of spirit and a desire to create happiness. They demonstrate skill, knowledge and the drive to be exceptional in their roles. Our team members establish goals to be the best at what they do, and Provision Living supports those efforts through ongoing training and education for our team of leaders and care partners. We hold each other accountable to achieve our goals of excellence in elder care, and we nourish and empower our leadership and the teamwork of our care partners. We are all individuals with different roles and responsibilities who work effectively together to accomplish our mission to provide the best place a senior has ever lived, offering elders and their families convenience and accessibility to the best in assisted living and memory care services.

Connected Community

Provision Living at West Bloomfield will be located on the site of the former Ealy Elementary School, where for decades children learned, grew and were nurtured and where teachers, parents, and families thrived. The development of the senior living community at the same location aligns with our belief that people can grow and learn no matter what their age—if given the chance. Just as the former building on the grounds was a school that nurtured and helped children grow, the senior living community will provide the resources, environment and care model to serve the needs of elders and their families, support their growth and give each elder the opportunity to thrive.

We are excited to come to West Bloomfield because the people and the community have deep roots and strong traditions. We look forward to engaging through community involvement. We take pride in coming to West Bloomfield and hope to add to the vibrant culture and dynamics of the city.

We at Provision Living saw a need in the West Bloomfield community for quality senior living that models excellence for elders and families looking for premium senior living—we believe we can fill that need.

Comprehensive Wellbeing

Wellbeing is about more than just physical health; it encompasses the entire person—mind, body and spirit. We encourage residents to remain connected to friends, family and the community while always addressing our commitment to their wellbeing.

We want to be a partner in caring for elder family members and in helping families navigate their loved one’s transition into assisted living. We have built our organization on the mission and core values that form a culture capable of solving the challenges and meeting the needs of elders and their families.

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