Resident Social Life @
Provision Living at Columbia, MO

Social relationships are a key component of overall health and wellbeing. At our community, we value these important relationships and interactions. Every person in our community is part of our community, whether it be a resident, associate, family member or visiting friend.

Resident Social Life

Our community is designed to encourage social gatherings and spontaneous fun. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee on the veranda or meeting friends for our weekly happy hour in the hearth room, all of our community spaces are centrally located and comfortably appointed for a variety of activities and events. Families are welcome to use our spaces for dinners and parties

Here are a few of our residents’ favorite activities:

  • Happy Hour with friends and family
  • Food demonstrations with Chef Jesse
  • Expressive arts activities – music, art, drama
  • Pick-up card games any time of day

Your Family is Our Family

We consider our residents’ family to be part of our own and are encourage visits, participation and communication from spouses, children, and grandchildren. Family engagement is an important component of overall wellbeing.

At Provision Living, our caregiving team includes the family. Our associates consult with family members at all levels of care and we are dedicated to providing transparency and peace of mind through constant communication.

We Work with Couples

At Provision Living at Columbia, couples can stay together despite the challenges of dementia. Our private suites are in a small, intimate neighborhood community with other couples, supporting both those with greater independence as well as those with higher needs related to aging, including issues with memory and dementia. Residents who are caregivers can live an active lifestyle and have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is supported and cared for. We find solutions for residents who need memory care so they can receive the support they need while having the comfort of their spouses in their lives.



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