I Would Recommend it to Anyone

Ethel Goolsby came to Provision Living in St. Louis Hills Residential Care and Assisted Living Community after experiencing a stroke. She is 92 years old. Her niece encouraged the move.

“My niece looked it up. What she likes, I like,” said Goolsby about Provision Living. “It’s nice and I love it. The people are friendly and nice. I would recommend it to anyone,” she said.

Goolsby said there are many things she likes about her home at Provision Living including the food.

“The food is excellent. You should join us today. We are having turkey and dressing. We have something for everyone. They accommodate everyone including diabetics,” she said. “I’m lucky I can eat everything.”

Goolsby measures the time she has resided at Provision Living by the number of Christmas’s she has celebrated there. This upcoming Christmas is her second.


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