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The dining experience at Provision Living centers on social engagement. In every society, food is a vehicle for expressing love and for bringing people together in tradition and celebration. Our dining program goes beyond sustenance and nutrition — we want each morsel of food to serve as a bridge to the past for each individual, while also engaging them in the present moment.

Familiar Aromas and Flavors Provide Comfort

Our goal is to create an environment that is familiar and comfortable. The scents of coffee, baked goods, and hearty meals are regular experiences.

A variety of dining experiences are offered to residents based on personal preferences. Dining experiences include buffet, restaurant-style, open dining, and finger foods, as well as snacks. These choices are based on the functional needs of each resident. Nutritional needs are carefully considered and accommodated.

Delights for Every Palette

Meals and snacks are served throughout the day in a way that each resident finds most comfortable and at the time they wish to eat. Our culinary team works diligently to incorporate traditional family recipes with local favorites to create meals that are fresh, inviting, and delicious.

We have a mix of cooking, baking, and tasting experiences available to our residents. Popular activities include cooking demonstrations and monthly “Chef Chats” that invite feedback from residents.