Daughter Thankful For Mother’s Care at Provision Living at Webster Groves

At Provision Living at Webster Groves, we strive to be the best place a senior adult has ever lived. Yet in working as closely as we do with our residents, we do sometimes wonder: Do others realize how we’re providing a better method of care? Do they think we’re as great as we do?

That’s why it was so encouraging to open the Kirkwood-Webster Times recently and see a letter-to-the-editor from the daughter of one of our former residents. Here is the letter’s headline and full content:

Provision Living: Wonderful Addition

At this holiday season, I would like to take a moment to recognize Provision Living of Webster Groves and the wonderful addition they have been to our community.

My mother was among the first residents to move into Memory Care at Provision when it opened in 2012. She passed away earlier this fall at age 87 after living with Alzheimer’s for more than 10 years. We have been lucky to have her so close to us in Webster and are grateful for how Provision cared for her and provided her a home.

I want to share our appreciation to Provision for facilitating the participation of their residents into the community and for the dedicated staff who extend support to all families facing the challenges that come with aging and Alzheimer’s.

Joanna Van Der Tuin
Webster Groves

“Let us take care of her. We love her like family.”

Neosha Owens, our Memory Care manager, worked daily with Jeanna’s mother, Ruth, during most of her four years at Provision Living at Webster Groves.

“She was walking around and active when I first met her, and she had the sweetest smiles you’ve ever seen,” recalls Owens. “After Ruth took a dip with her disease, Jeanna considered moving her to a skilled nursing facility. But I said, no ma’am. Let us take care of her. We love her like family.”

As her mother’s health deteriorated, Jeanna became a fixture at Provision Living at Webster Groves and often found herself singing alongside Owens in what’s become something of an afternoon ritual in the Memory Care neighborhood.

“I can’t sing worth anything, but it’s something I enjoy and the residents seem to appreciate — or tolerate,” says Owens.

In addition to her letter-to-the-editor, Jeanna recently wrote a note to Owens thanking her for the care she provided her mother. In that letter Jeanna wrote “I will miss laughing with you and singing badly.”

Owens says that the letter-to-the-editor and personal note made her “tickle inside” this week. Even better, though, was knowing what her care meant to Ruth and her daughter.

“I know with all my heart that we gave her quality of life,” says Owens.

For more stories on how Provision Living at Webster Groves is re-imagining elder care, please give us a call at (314) 526-0755. We’d love to share with you why we sing to a different tune

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