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Cropped shot of a young female nurse caring for a senior woman sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home
January 20, 2020

What is a Memory Care Neighborhood?

Have you ever heard of a memory care neighborhood? If not, it's a term that you'll see and often hear when searching for senior living for your loved one. Carolyn Katterjohn, executive director of Provision Living at Hattiesburg, provides an overview of this specialized community. 


Video Transcription 


Hello, Carolyn Katterjohn from Provision Living. Today, I want to talk to you about memory care neighborhoods.  A memory care neighborhood is a specialized community for seniors that have dementia, memory loss, or Alzheimer’s. Residents live in a “neighborhood” that’s designed just for their medical, personal, and social needs. 

A memory care neighborhood can be free-standing or part of an assisted living community.  The memory care community is housed in a secured area with dedicated staff, nurses, and activities. 
In memory care, we try to eat finger foods and engage in a myriad of activities.

When visiting a memory care community, use your five senses. How does the area look, sound, feel, and smell? How does the food taste?
Don’t always make an appointment to visit a memory care neighborhood or an assisted living community. Just drop in. This way, you get the best sense of what goes on there every day. Also, make sure to ask, “What are some of the daily activities you offer? Do you have a memory care garden? Do you take the residents out on bus trips? Does a doctor come into the community? Do you have round-the-clock nursing?”

Those are all things in a memory care neighborhood, you should expect, want, and most of all, what your senior adult family member deserves. I hope this has helped you and your knowledge of memory care. 

We know the process of searching for a senior living community for your loved one can feel heavy. At Provision Living, we're here to help every step of the way. Connect with one of our care consultants today to determine which type of a senior living is the right choice for your loved one.