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December 26, 2019

The Importance of Personal Care for Seniors



Video Transcription 

Hello again, great to talk to you guys today. My name is Carolyn KatterJohn. I'm the executive director here at Provision Living, Hattiesburg. Something I want to talk to you about is the definition of ‘PC.’ What is PC? Well, it’s personal care and can mean so many different things to each individual. So, I want to talk to you about what ‘personal care’ means to a senior in a community. Then you can weigh that against what ‘personal care’ means in their home.

So, ‘personal care’ can be anything from vacuuming, cleaning the house, making a meal, getting assistance in the shower or the bath, or helping get dressed or undressed. It can also be about helping someone get out of the bed, get out of their chair, walk, go down steps, or go to the grocery store. 

So, what you want to do when you're talking to your loved ones about what happens next, try saying, “Mom, you're living here alone and you don't seem…healthy. Let's talk about what your personal care habits are.” Find out what’s going on with the seniors in your life. If you came yesterday and you come today, and that chair is still there or those TV trays are on each side, the meals have been left there, or if there's a little path to the kitchen and a path to the bathroom and the recliners in there, and you see that they're not going to bed every night and they're not going to the kitchen and cooking. They're just having a TV dinner or perhaps a canned food. This is a time that you can evaluate, are my parents getting the right nourishment, especially  with the medication they’re taking? These are all things that all fall under ‘Personal Care.’

When you come into communities such as Provision Living, what you will find is we’re able to give your parents, you, and your family peace of mind too, because all of a sudden in assisted living, we're able to do three meals a day for them. We’re able to help them with their showers, dressing. We’re able to queue them, that means encourage them to come to meal times. We’re able to look and see if they are eating their meals. Most of all, we’re also able to help them feel safe and able to make friends with other seniors that they can talk to and share their struggles and how hard it is to give up their personal home. 

Instead of going to the next-door neighbor, borrowing a cup of sugar, they’re going to the next-door neighbor and say[ing], “Hey do you have an extra box of Kleenex’s?” It’s perfect if you'll just give [them] an opportunity and think about how much healthier life would be for your senior, if they’re surrounded by people that are on the same journey they’re on.

They’re getting the care just bathing, dressing, food every day, healthy meals. They have nurses that are helping make sure they get their medication on time and the right medication. We’re doing the re-order for them. So, those things come off the plate of the family, now. You can enjoy visiting your mom or dad or your spouse or your sister, instead of being a caregiver, being the one that has to come in and clean the house and make sure the bills are paid and all those things.

So, when you go back to that ‘PC,’ you need to [be] defining [to] your family, What [does] personal care look like for my family? What does my dad need? What does my mom need? Then, that helps you start making the next decision. Instead of just jumping up and say[ing], “We're going to move into an assisted living,” let's talk to that family member and say, “Mom, I see this is missing and I see you're having struggles with your clothes washed every week.”

So, you know this is what happens and that helps you start a list. So that when you go to their yearly checkup, you can share that information with the physician and the three of you guys can talk about what the next step should look like for them. Who do they trust more than their daughter or their son? Their physician. When their physicians start encouraging them to look for a next step instead of living at home alone, isolated, without three good meals a day, without taking their medication timely. Then that’s when the next conversation and next step comes. I so appreciate your time today. Again, if I can be of any help, please call me at Provision living. Thanks so much.


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