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May 8, 2020

How to Start the Senior Living Conversation With Your Loved One

Video Transcription 

I'm Linda DeSmet. My role here is a family support mentor. One of the things that we often find when people do come to visit a community is that they have not previously talked to their loved one about the necessity of a move. 

We try to encourage families when they start noticing signs or symptoms, or things that indicate that their parent or loved one is declining, and that they may not be able to continue to live in their home or the environment that they're living in, to start that conversation very early on.

We're trying to coach them on how to have those conversations and how to make that move an easier, smoother move, and one that's going to be less upsetting for the elder. If they are left with the opportunity where they only have a short window, just start being very honest with their feelings. 

For example, "I'm concerned about things that have been happening at home. I'm concerned about the fact that you've been falling." In addition to a family member having that conversation,  include somebody outside of the family the elder loves and trusts. Because elders feel most comfortable with their family members, they can easily blow off a family member. But if you include somebody that that person trusts and cares about, they are more likely to listen and to take it to heart.

Every opportunity that you can give that elder some chance to be included in the decision making, they feel they have more control. The key things are to be honest with your loved one, let them know that you're going to love them and support them throughout the move, that you're going to help them in any way possible. 

Provision Living is here to help both the family and the elder in that transition. And we're more than willing to meet one on one. We would love to meet with them and help them with the process.


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