October 13, 2020

Is It Time to Downsize?

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Lately, you’ve been visiting your parents and sense that they may not be happy with their current living arrangements. Maybe they live alone or recently became empty nesters, or taking care of the home has become too much. Either way, the topic of downsizing can be sensitive for our parents. How do you know that it may be time for your loved one to downsize? 

They’re worried about home maintenance.

Home maintenance goes beyond having the driveway plowed after a snowstorm or raking the leaves during the fall. It also includes checking the exterior of the home and the plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical systems. Additionally, your loved ones may be concerned that it’s difficult to keep the home clean because of its size. If you find that your parents are constantly complaining about the upkeep of their home, it may be time to downsize to a smaller home that requires less home maintenance.

They’ve had a decline in health.

Whether your loved one had a sudden fall or has had a steady decline in health, it may be difficult for them to move around in their home. If a home has become too large to navigate, a senior may choose to live out of one portion of the home. For example, if there are bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, they may choose to opt for living downstairs, or they might choose somewhere else in the home that’s easily accessible and close to other rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

They’re concerned about finances.

Larger homes require more investment to maintain. Between the mortgage, heating and cooling costs, and general maintenance, your loved one maybecome concerned about the cost, especially if they’re on a limited or fixed income. The next time you see them, consider combing through their finances to get a holistic view of their monthly expenditures. You may find that the amount of money they’re spending per month is comparable to those of a senior living community. 

They want to focus on doing what they love.

Your loved one may have expressed interest in doing more of what they love or have a desire to make the most of this next chapter of their life. However, activities such as travel can be difficult when you have a large home to care for. 


At Provision Living, you and your loved one can have peace of mind in knowing that our apartments are purposefully designed to meet the needs of older adults. If you or your parents need support during the downsizing process, we’re here to help. Our care consultants are ready to discuss your needs today. 

Image Credit: Istock Photo