September 15, 2021


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“A change is as good as a holiday,” they say. And when it comes to our homes, sometimes a change (no matter how small) is just what we need to keep things fresh and functional.Since we’re all spending more time inside these days, why not make your home a place you actually want to spend time in?

Sprucing up your space doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. With just a few manageable tweaks, you can take your home from ho-hum to incredible—without breaking the bank. For a place you’re proud to call home, here are five affordable updates that have a big impact, minus the hefty price tag.

Light it up.

When done correctly, lighting can do wonders for a room’s ambiance. That’s not to say you should run out and replace every lamp and light fixture in your home—a simple bulb upgrade will do. 

If you’ve been living with the same harsh bulbs for years, maybe it’s time for a change. Beyond adding to your home’s beauty, Futurist Architecture points out that the right lightbulb makes easy work of household tasks, affects our mood, and can even help you sleep! Keep in mind, different bulbs perform better in certain areas of the home. In the kitchen, for instance, you’ll fare better with bulbs that produce higher lumens (brightness), whereas a bedroom will require less light. 

You should also consider the color temperature of your bulbs, which is measured in units of Kelvin. Bulbs with a lower Kelvin number emit a warm, white light—perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. For a warm glow that’s reminiscent of a cozy candle flame, the Lighting Tutor recommends sticking with bulbs that have an output of 2000–3000 K. 

Stumped by all the bulb options out there? This calculator by Charlston Lights is a great tool for figuring out the appropriate light output for every room in your home.

Add some greenery.

Try injecting some life (literally) into your space with a few low-maintenance houseplants. Not only do plants give your place a touch of vibrancy and freshness, they also deliver some serious health benefits. According to, indoor plants can help lower stress, improve concentration, and mitigate symptoms of depression. Not bad for a piece of décor!

Don’t exactly have a “green thumb”? Stick with impossible-to-kill plants like succulents that will forgive you for missing a watering session every now and then. 

Make a statement with an accent wall.

Nothing adds personality to your space like an accent wall. The best part? Instead of fussing over four walls, you only need to tackle one. For the price of a can of paint, you can breathe life into a stale living room or a dull dining area.

Don’t be afraid to be bold! Try an exciting splash of your favorite color to create a space that appeals to your personal aesthetic. For a playful alternative, try an unexpected wallpaper print. Since it’s only going on one wall, you can add a dash of whimsy without making the room feel overwhelming. For folks on the fence, removable paper is a viable option.

Already happy with the color of your walls? You can still give them some TLC with a large art print that speaks to you or artfully placed floating shelves that display your favorite treasures.

Refresh your window treatments.

Replacing your windows can be a costly affair. Instead, consider dressing them up with swoon-worthy curtains for an easy fix that delivers a big impact. 

When picking out window treatments, you have three main considerations: length, fabric, and hardware. For a brighter space that takes advantage of natural light, opt for flowy, sheer curtains. Velvet drapes, on the other hand, are a luxurious choice for bedrooms where you want to block out the light. To give your room some oomph, try playing with dramatic patterns and colors. 

Change your bedding.

Never underestimate the transformative power of a new duvet cover. A simple bedding upgrade can be just what your home needs to make it feel more comfortable and welcoming. 

When it comes to bedding, both texture and color play an integral role. Cozy things up with bright pops of color that add warmth and visual interest to your bedroom. 

Getting your linens right not only adds visual appeal to your bedroom, but also contributes to a better night’s sleep, says Ben Trapskin at The Sleep Sherpa. Choose breathable fabrics that will help regulate your temperature. And if you suffer from allergies, hypoallergenic materials can give you some much-needed relief.

Provision Living Encourages Residents To Make Their Apartments Feel Like Home

As you can see, refreshing your home on a budget is possible. At Provision Living, we encourage residents to decorate their apartment in a way that reflects their own personal style. To learn more about the different ways residents can decorate their new home, contact one of our care consultants today. 

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