January 18, 2021

4 Winter Activities Seniors Can Enjoy Indoors

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Whether you’re sheltering in place or spending more time indoors because of the frigid temperatures , we think it’s safe to say that we’re all spending more time in our homes—which can be a little boring. If you’re looking for different ways to enjoy your time at home, we’ve highlighted four indoor activities that bring fun to the table. 

Take a virtual cooking class with your loved ones. 

Have you told yourself that this year you would cook more or do something completely out of the box? Consider taking an online cooking class. Virtual cooking classes allow individuals from all over the country to come together via technology such as Zoom conferencing to make the same meal. Typically, the instructor sends the ingredient list via email at the time of registration or a week before the course, and you are responsible for purchasing the materials for the class. Sometimes the instructor will also ask you to prepare specific components ahead of time. The good news is that you can also invite your friends or family members to join you. 

Introduce more greens into your space. 

Gardening doesn’t just need to take place during the warmer months. Have you been thinking about growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, or flowers? Why not start your garden now? Select a seed to start with and begin the growing process indoors. By the time spring or summer returns, you can transfer your seedlings outdoors or into larger pots. With some time, patience, and careful care of your plants, you’ll have a blooming garden in no time. 

Learn a new language. 

Learning doesn’t have an age limit. One of the ways to exercise your mind while having fun is by learning a new language. Even if you don’t have plans to visit the country of the language you’re attempting to learn, immersing yourself in another language can provide a myriad of benefits, such as watching foreign movies or television shows and keeping your mind sharp. Middlebury Language School writes, “The more you use your brain to learn new skills, the more your brain’s functions work. Learning a new language pushes your brain to get familiar with new grammar and vocabulary rules. It allows you to train your memory to remember new words, make connections between them, and use them in contextual situations.”

Enjoy a new book. 

While spending more time indoors, you may feel like you’re on technology overload. Between the countless online meetings with loved ones, watching hours of Netflix, or endless scrolling on your mobile device, you know that you want to step away but may not know how to do so. Why not substitute some of that digital time with a good book? Reading books has been shown to reduce stress, aid in sleep readiness, and lower blood pressure. You could even set a goal to read a new book every month. 


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