Spring Activities for Senior Citizens

Spring is upon us and many elderly are out enjoying the warm, sunny days. As the days get longer it makes for more time spent outside with family and friends. There are many activities senior citizens can enjoy outdoors that are fulfilling while not being too physically demanding.

Gardening is a great activity for seniors that enjoy reaping the “fruits” of their labor. Light work in the garden is an excellent way to exercise while also keeping the mind active. This can be enjoyed all spring and summer long because there are always jobs to be done like watering, pruning, and pulling stubborn weeds.

Family get-togethers at the park or barbeques with friends are great ways to interact with others while being outside this spring. Senior citizens enjoy spending time with their adult children and grandchildren at these events. Simple pleasures like watching the kids play and enjoying a fresh hotdog of the grill can make for the perfect spring afternoon.

For some, the ideal spring activity might just be being outdoors. Walks and bird watching are a great way to enjoy the splendors of nature while also exercising. Not only are these activities enjoyable but are also in many cases free.

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