Radiance Associate of the Month

Tori N. Monroe, Licensed Practical Nurse

Tori is our Radiance Associate winner for October. She was randomly selected from all who received a radiance alert in the month.
To spotlight Tori, let me tell you what I learned from our interview.
Tori was born September 3 and she has 4 children.
She has a life-long collection of “elephants”. This collection has grown over the years and now totals 30. It was started by her sister when she was on a Missionary trip to Africa. Her smallest elephant is
approximately 2 inches and is made of wire. The largest is about 2 feet x 2 feet and is a planter.
She is most proud of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2016.
Tori loves to receive scented candles.
Her favorite munchie is spinach dip and chips and ice cream is Pralines and Cream.
She likes salty Gardettos and her favorite beverage is strawberry lemonade.
Tori’s favorite color is purple.
Her favorite sports team is MU volleyball and she loves going to the games with her daughter.
Texas Roadhouse is her favorite restaurant and Taco Bell is her favorite fast food.
What famous person would she be thrilled to have dinner with? Her answer – Tamala Mann, gospel
singer. She would go to Rendezvous BBQ – best she’s ever had! Memphis Tennessee.
What local professional would she like to meet and why? She would like to meet the President of
Columbia College and personally thank him for the full-ride scholarship her daughter received.
Why do you like working with seniors? Tori said “I’m passionate about long-term care. I think I was born to do this kind of work. I am a resident advocate because I want them to receive the best care possible. I am a true caregiver at heart.”
Thank you, Tori, for sharing your story and letting us get to know you better. Thanks for making a difference in our resident’s lives and being a great inspiration and leader to our team.

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